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Welcome to Nadi Astrology Cente, Meadavakkam,chennai,Kadapa A.p
Dear visitors, we welcome you to our oldest Nadi Astrology center, we have immense pleasure to perform this godly solution for people, who are around the world, at present we are in fourth generation in this service with delightful viewers. We wish to make people contented by carrying out their karmas (previous birth sins) by putting into some simple remedies 
We are sure for your satisfaction by telling predictions through our skillful Nadi Astrologers.

Online Nadi Astrology:

At present, we are performing this Nadi Astrology service trough Online for the convenience of our customers.
Many of our customers told that they have to expense much for travelling and for making hotel rooms to get Nadi Astrology by direct visit. So, we have started our service through Online and also said that how to get Nadi Astrology through Online. The following steps, to be followed by the customers.

Take clear print of your thumb ( if male – Right and if female – Left) and send it .

The following numbers. Whatsapp to +91 9959829674 or +91 9985501781
or by Email to srimahasivanadi@gmail.com please select any one.

Then we will fix an appointment to search your Nadi leaf by voice or video call.

 After getting your Nadi leaf make payment for your Nadi prediction package and chapters​

We send your Nadi predictions through voice mail in your convenient language English,Hindi,Telugu,Tamil,Malaiyalam, and kannadam.

About Nadi Astrology:     

Naadi astrology is some sort of a family enterprise which originated in the south India. All the members of this fraternity are skilled at the art of determining our current state using our thumb print and thereafter predicting the future after making our birth-chart.
​About Nadi Astrologer: 

I belong to astrological family, which has traditionally deep rooted and for generation practiced Nadi Astrology with utmost sincerity and dedication. I gathered Knowledge and experience under the benevolent but skilled guidance of my mentor Guruji, by His grace I have been rendering service to the mankind as Nadi Astrologer for more than 18 years, since my young age.  I have been reading the records created by some enlightened sages and preserved by my forefathers, for the well being of the people of the world, in the manner I was taught by my great Guruji Sri Samy Sachithanandam.

History and the Procedure of Naadi:

     The practice of Nadi Astrology is different from other Hindu astrology system. As per Nadi Jothidam (Nadi Josiyam) principles, the zodiac is divided in twelve equal sub-divisions of signs with equal subdivisions of the twenty-seven Nakshatras (constellations). Further, these stars are subdivided into unequal sub Lords. UnderNadi Jothidam (Nadi Josiyam) the sub lord is stronger than the Nakshatra and the Nakshatra is stronger than the planet. The sublords form the basis of Nadi Josiyam. Nadi Astrology is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all human beings were foreseen by Hindu sages (Saptarishi) in ancient times and written down as Palm Leaf Manuscripts which are mostly familiar in Vaitheeswaran koil, india.

It’s procedure starts with taking a thumb impression, right thumb for male and left for female. Nadi Astrology predicts all about your family, upcoming vicissitudes solve them by looking through remedial measures by seeing the ancient palm leaves. Nadi Astrologer takes the thumb impression of an individual who has come in search of his Naadi leaf. He then starts the process of searching the palm leaf and after finding the palm leaf, he utilizes to predict for them. Thumbprint needs to match the other possible palm leaves from the several manuscripts. Generally, Nadi Readers have a collection of these palm writings, which keep on circulating. He commences the process from each leaf and starts asking a series of questions to the person regarding his life to identify the correct palm leaf. The Process of locating palm leaf can take a few minutes to several hours, if the entire particulars match with the information in the leaf, only then Naadi reader considers as their leaf and begin predicting by considering their leaf about their past, present and future too.

What is Nadi Astrology?

   An ancient form of astrology practised in southern India, Nadi Astrology is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen and recorded on palm leaves by Hindu sages in ancient time.
Nadi Astrology is practiced in the Tamil Nadu region as well as Kerala and other adjacent areas in South India. Simply put, it is an ancient method of recording data. Over the ages, people have come to believe that a thousand years ago, great Indian sages were granted a boon – to look into every human being’s past, present and future lives. They had to power to look into the lives of people were not only dead, living but also those who were yet to be born.

Online Naadi Astrology:

Online Naadi Astrology is also an available for the customers who are seeking for the same. So, we are also performing this service through online, as many of our customers said that they have to expense much for travelling and for hotel rooms to get Naadi Astrology in a direct visit.        The following online procedures, to be followed by the customers.

 First, take a clear thumb print( if male – right thumb,  if female left thumb) and send it for the following WhatsApp numbers.     +91 9959829674     +919985501781

 After getting your thumb print, we will fix an appointment to search your Naadi leaf by voice or video call in your convenient language Tamil, English, Hindi, Malaiyalam and Kannadam.





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